Save the Dates...

Trick or Treat-October 31st

Edison Park Turkey Trot- November 27th

Unwrap Edison Park- November 28th until December 24th

Santa Express- December 6th



Elliott's Seafood Grille & Chop House (6690 N. Northwest Hwy) will also be handing out goodies to the trick or treaters from 5-8pm!


Cusano Chiropractic                          6580 N. Northwest Hwy.

Firewater Saloon                                 6689 N. Oliphant

Romance in Blooms                            6729 N. Northwest Hwy.

Sir Speedy                                            6725 N. Northwest Hwy.

Tony’s Italian Deli                               6708 N. Northwest Hwy.


John G. Mulroe, P.C.                          6687 N. Northwest Hwy.


Co-op California Boutique                6674 N. Northwest Hwy.

Edison Park Inn                                 6715 N. Olmsted

Le Nuvo Salon & Spa                        6724 N. Northwest Hwy.

Moretti’s                                             6727 N. Olmsted


Café Touche                                       6731 N. Northwest Hwy.

Don Juan’s                                         6730 N. Northwest Hwy.

Nicole Thomas Occasions                 6727 N. Northwest Hwy.

Zia’s Trattoria                                   6689 N. Northwest Hwy.


Nonno Pino’s                                     6718 N. Northwest Hwy.


Edison Park's 18th Annual Turkey Trot - Thursday, November 27th


This year's Turkey Trot benefits Crohns & Colitis Foundation. For more information contact the Edison Park Turkey Trot Committee or visit


New Playlot at Edison Park Fieldhouse:

As many of you know, the Edison Park Chamber of Commerce, along with the Edison Park Community Council and local, city and state officials has been trying to get a new playlot built at the Edison Park Fieldhouse.  Our initial efforts focused on honoring childhood Edison Park resident, Blackhawks' President and CEO, John McDonough.  Although Mr. McDonough has given his personal support of the development of this project, the Chicago Park District will not allow us to move forward with naming the park after Mr. McDonough as he has not been deceased for one year - a mandate according to the Park District naming regulations.

While this roadblock is not ideal, it is certainly not the end of our mission!  We will continue discussions with John McDonough to hopefully formulate a creative solution to move forward with this project, benefitting the central Edison Park business district and overall community.

We will continue to update you as our discussions progress and we thank the community for its continued support of our efforts.


OFFICE SPACE Available: 

7240 W. Devon Ave. Troy Realty (Bill) (773) 792-3000 1,170-1,237
7284-7290 W. Devon Ave. Troy Realty (Bill) (773) 792-3000 3,750
7132 N. Harlem Ave. Patrick Barrett (773) 467-4300 800
7150 N. Harlem Ave. First Western Properties (Tom) (773) 545-2000  
7223 N. Harlem Ave. Arthur J. Rogers (Mark) (847) 439-2700  
7255 N. Harlem Ave. Chicagoland Commercial (Tony) (847) 438-4300 Lot and Building
7250 N. Harlem Ave. Akton Realty Corporation (Stefan) (773) 774-9500 2,500
7425 N. Harlem Ave. Mega Properties (Vicki Harrison) (773) 545-4200 2,700
7429 N.; Harlem Ave. Mega Properties (Vicki Harrison) (773) 545-4200 2,780
7437 N. Harlem Ave. Coldwell (Don Grau) (847) 313-4630 3,500
7442-58 N. Harlem Ave. Aarmor Realty (Mark) (312) 203-0011 2,400
7528 N. Milwaukee Ave. Seneca (Joe Padorr) (312) 316-2300 1,250
7532 N. Milwaukee Ave. Seneca (Joe Padorr) (312) 316-2300 1,250
7546 N. Milwaukee Ave. Seneca (Joe PAdorr) (312) 316-2300 4,000
7243 W. Touhy Ave. Equity Ventures (Rosalie Redmond)  (847) 241-1710  
7253 W. Touhy Ave. Toula Karnezis (847) 698-6280 2 stores
7257 W. Touhy Ave. #202 Bill Manouss (708) 867-6553 800
6650 N. Northwest Hwy. American Realty (Lou Virgioli) (773) 631-0909  
6701-07 N. Northwest Hwy. Millenium Properties (Dan Hyman)     
6714 N. Northwest Hwy. World Management Company (773) 871-5540 1,300
6774 N. Northwest Hwy. R-Properties (773) 792-3666 300-700
6329 N. Avondale Ave. McLennan (Owen Hayes) (847) 825-0011 40,000 Multiple Suites