Volunteer, neighbor, mechanic, business owner, friend, advocate, go-to-guy. These are just a few words that describe Jim DelMedico. Jim was instrumental in making things happen for our neighborhood, our community. When Jim started a project, he finished it. One of his long-time missions was to restore the monument to honor our veterans at Monument Park. With the help of Representative McAuliffe and the many who would give Jim any amount of money, he did just that. Another passion of Jim's was parades. For over fifty years, he organized the Norwood Park Memorial Parade and for decades has organized the Edison Park Fest parade. Jim was able to get donations to these parades like no one else. His words, "It's for the kids. They love the parade!" No one could say no to him. Everyone knew Jim and his side-kick and good friend, Mr. Jack Lynch. He organized the Fall and Spring Clean-Ups and a slew of volunteers would show up for him.

He was the former president of the Edison Park Chamber and continued to be involved long after his terms ended. Jim was instrumental in our long-running Edison Park Fest. All of a sudden things just would be completed. This was the first fest that he missed. Every time a new task came up this year, it was another task that Jim always had taken care for us. We often said this past weekend, "Oh, Jim did that too!"

At our 2010 Edison Park Fest, it was the weekend of what we thought was Jim's 80th Birthday. There was signage throughout the Fest proclaiming, HAPPY 80TH BIRTHDAY JIM DELMEDICO! The band sang "Happy Birthday" and he gave hugs and kisses and was beaming. Little did we know we were off by a couple years because that was Jim: humble and forever appreciative of those around him.

Even while in intensive care, he had requests for us to get this sewer cleaned and check the underpass by Olympia Park. He was tirelessly working to better our community. He is an example we should all set for ourselves and for the children of this community. He will be forever missed by our chamber and our residents. This entire world lost an amazing and strong man who fought to the end to overcome his cancer. And because of his love for parades, the Fest Parade will now be known as "The Jim DelMedico Parade." And each year, we will always remember a man devoted to Edison Park.